Tuesday, July 20, 2010

5 ways Twitter helps you study.

The horror of studying and the difficulty of focusing are known to many. Be it a student or parents these nightmares aren’t lost with any of them. Thankfully, I have found a great system that works wonders for me! So here I am, with “5 ways Twitter can help you Study”

  1. People encourage you. A lot.
    As my Twitter community grows bigger, I have more and more good friends. And they are a constant source of encouragement. If I was online they would ask if I didn’t need to study or if I were already finished. They really believed in me and that helps a lot; It makes you want to study more so as not to disappoint. Whenever I felt like I can’t take anymore, like I’m going under, they help me get on my feet again.
  2. Twitterfriends are concerned.
    Every time I came on Twitter, I would see my friends asking me how my exams went and how my studying was going. @Terrinakamura was a great help and @Lovtoo, @LXLEE, @AskAaronLee, @Cindyvriend and @paul_steele were too.
    All the mentions remind you to go back to work; to finish what you started. So the breaks are a bit shorter than usual because of the pressure you feel.
  3. Great way to take a break.
    Whenever I finish an important chapter, I would check my @mentions and my Direct Messages and respond to them accordingly. Within the few minutes of break time, I get to connect with concerned friends from all over the World with the ease of a few simple clicks! This is what I call, Time Well Spent.
  4. It helps you concentrate.
    Or at least it helped me. Each little break was like a tour around the World during which I get to meet my friends, get updates on what they’re doing and share with them my progress! These little breaks gave me just what I needed to take the next dive into my textbooks.

    There are other useful tips to help you concentrate! Take for instance, the Pomodoro technique; an excellent time management technique: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pomodoro_Technique
  5. It helps you relax.
    My “TWEAKs” (Twitter Breaks) involves me looking at my twitter stream and checking out the never-ending supply of interesting content. Watching as the world goes by (Literally!), all the built-up tension slowly dissipates. And after a 5 min Tweak, I’m ready to challenge the next chapter with a renewed vigor.

    This is how twitter helped me with my studies. And it cannot be made possible without the awesome people you can meet on twitter. Twitter friends are not just virtual friends. Twitter friends are real-life friends too

    And if you were wondering, I passed all my exams!

    Twitter helped me pass. Of course I was the one who took the papers. But I wasn’t alone; I had people supporting me, encouraging me, reminding me, and helping me. Thank you.

    How has twitter helped you in achieving success? Please leave a comment if you’d like to share! I’d love to hear from you


  1. Hi there!

    You're off to a great start!

    Twitter is a great way to meet great people. I for one, have my fair share of stories!

    Be it advice, job offers, professional and personal help, I've been on the receiving end before! For that, I owe many people thanks.

    Once again, well done! I look forward to seeing more~

    Shawn (@lovtoo)

  2. Thank you so much Shawn.
    You helped me out a lot. Thank you so much for that.